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Ginger simmered clam in soy sauce

By Pink

Seafood Doria

By The Family Chef

Tasty Oven Baked Salmon

By CookingMama

Seafood miso soup noodle

By Yasetainoni555

Oven steamed Salmon & Veggie

By Shibaneko

Tuna Tofu Patties

By Jachaki

Onigiri(Japanese rice balls)


Deep fried shrimp with addictive dipping sauce

By Windy

Vegetable and seafood tempura

By Black Canary

Mackerel Misoni

By Ume

White Fish w/Pizziola Sauce

By Lizz

Easy salmon golden fried rice

By Aimon

Seafood Congee

By Mama Wong

Mayo shrimp

By Momo

Dashi Mushroom Cabonara

By EastandSouth

Limone Salmone

By Hungry Caterpillar

Miso-Kewpie Mayo Tuna Donburi

By TheOccasionalCook

Easy Peasy FR

By Hungry Caterpillar

Shrimp and Fish Tofu Udon!

By Melly

Roasted Salmon Plate

By fairyfloss506

japan style of happy halloween scallop white stew

By mimibellekazoku

wow! our favorite Autum Seafood ODEN!( fish cakes stew)

By mimibellekazoku

generous neighbor&our family salmonship

By mimibellekazoku

Just put it

By star