(UPDATE) Hawaii Waikiki store reopens on 4/2 after the staff tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19.


Hawaii Waikiki Closes Temporarily For Precautionary Cleaning

March 25, 2020

We’d like to inform our valued customers that we are temporarily closing the Mitsuwa Marketplace Hawaii Waikiki location for precautionary cleaning and sanitation in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. As soon as we complete this work and restock, we plan on reopening the store.

One of our employees at this location reported having a fever and has been tested for COVID-19 to be cautious. Although we have not received test results, Mitsuwa Marketplace has decided to use its own protocol to close the Waikiki store temporarily and clean and sanitize thoroughly. The employee worked at the store from March 17th to March 21st, 2020.

We are currently in contact with all the employees at the store and encouraging anyone who has been in contact with the employee to follow CDC-recommended self-monitoring guidelines or, if they develop any symptoms themselves, to call their healthcare provider immediately.

We’re committed to offering a safe shopping environment to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, and community. While evaluating the situation in real-time, we are consulting with outside health and food safety experts and monitoring updates in guidance from the CDC and local public health departments. We ask that customers who have health-related concerns to review the CDC and local health department guidelines. Please contact your healthcare providers if you have any questions.

As soon as the store has been fully cleaned and restocked, we will reopen. Our sanitation habits have always been, and will remain, the bedrock of our service. At all Mitsuwa locations, we’ve increased routine cleaning and suspended all food & beverage sampling in-store. Thank you for your patience and understanding.